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Brooming the Panels issue queue

I've been involved quite a lot lately in helping out with Panopoly - and it has just got to a 1.1 release because of great work @dsnopek, @mrfelton and @populist. Panopoly builds heavily on Panels, and I saw that they are getting close to releasing a 3.4-version

@japerry started to maintain panels, and he is working hard moving Panels forward, so everybody else can benefit from this great module.

Google Drive Doc Filter sandbox released

I needed to embed some Google Drive Presentations into some of my articles. However, I did not want to give the users full HTML access. Therefore, I created an input filter. I added the code to a sandbox on

This module provides an input filter to add a document from Gogle Drive anywhere input filters are accepted. You can choose to embed the document or link to the published document on Google Drive.

Read more about Google Drive on

Encrypted incremental backups for BOA with Duplicity

After reading Encrypted Incremental Backups With Duplicity on Amazon S3 I decided that I wanted to try Duplicity to backup the data of my BOA-server.

Getting started

First off course, you need to install duplicity on the server:

apt-get install duplicity

Duplictiy makes use of gpg and handles both private/public key pairs and a paraphrase. I just chose to use a passphrase.

Getting remote import to work on a barracuda setup with vagrant

This is how I got remote import to work on a BOA setup with a local development environment created by vagrant. After reading the article you should be able to add remote servers, and import sites via Aegir to your local development box.

First setup your local server with vagrant. You can do it using vagrant and barracuda, as I outlined in this article.

Exploring foundation for my future theming needs

After seeing this screencast, I decided to start exploring the foundation framework, which I am expecting to use to rebuild the theme for which was just based on Aquia Marina right now. I wanted stuff to look nicer, and I wanted to decide how it looked.

Foundation looks great, and a couple of different themes are already being build for Drupal.

Dynamically putting select values on a line item in Drupal Commerce

As I wrote earlier, I am creating a registration system using Drupal Commerce for Vejle Idrætshøjskole. For one of our course type, we need the customer to be able to select subjects during the checkout process. We decided to do it on a custom line item using custom customizable products where we added the subjects as a field.


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